Portfolio Services

Multi-factor based Fund selection models

LuxHedge provides independent research on portfolios consisting completely or partially out of

Alternative UCITS funds



In today’s market environment with yields near all-time lows and equity markets at record highs, many investors realize more than ever that they need to diversify their portfolios with alternative return streams. Alternative UCITS funds are an excellent way to achieve this goal because they combine the desired absolute return characteristics with the stringent regulatory oversight that is embedded in the UCITS framework. But selecting which Alternative UCITS funds to allocate to is not a particularly straightforward exercise.


Our research on Alternative UCITS fund selection models helps clients to build portfolios that best suit their investment criteria in terms of risk and performance. LuxHedge has been a specialist focussed on the Alternative UCITS market since 2012 and is uniquely positioned to provide unique insights and research in this space. Our proprietary multi-factor fund selection models are developed in close cooperation with academics.


For more info on our fund selection research, click here to read the latest LuxHedge white paper.

LuxHedge works 100% independent and is unaffiliated to any fund manager or group of fund managers to ensure that all research services are strictly unbiased. We do provide our research and insights to Alternative fund managers who manage a Fund of Funds.