Market Analysis

LuxHedge research services

LuxHedge offers research services to provide insights into the Alternative UCITS market and help investors to seek out the right funds to best suit their investment criteria.

This research makes extensive use of the current and historical data on Alternative UCITS in the LuxHedge database and may involve:

   Benchmarking funds or baskets of funds against other indices and asset classes

   Filtering the universe of funds according to both quantitative and qualitative criteria

   Peer analysis concerning the managers’ skills and ability to follow its strategy

   Historical analysis on the development of certain segments of the Alternative UCITS market to provide further insight in


LuxHedge’s expertise in the Alternative UCITS market includes a thorough understanding of the factors that are used to identify the performance and to rank Alternative UCITS to achieve enhanced risk-return characteristics per strategy and for overall portfolio purposes. The ranking of Alternative UCITS is mostly based on risk and/or return factors but in accordance to the client’s wishes, LuxHedge could also set up other, more specific rankings based on in-house multi-factor analyses. Also historical factor analyses, peer group analyses and/or historical top ranking evolutions are possible.


LuxHedge operates as a fully independent consultant and is unaffiliated to any fund manager or group of fund managers to ensure that all analysis is strictly unbiased.