Alternative UCITS Seminar

Tuesday March 26, 2019

Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, Geneva

LuxHedge is pleased to invite you to the next Alternative UCITS seminar in Geneva

“Choosing the right strategy and the right manager has become more important than ever”


  Tuesday, March 26, 2019

  9am – 2pm (lunch included)

  Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues

  Quai des Bergues 33, Geneva

Seminar organised in collaboration with

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Tim 3

Tim Vanvaerenbergh



Thomas Einzmann

Thomas Einzmann

Senior Portfolio Manager

Greiff Capital Management AG

Alex 2

Alex Burt

Investment Director

Schroders GAIA

Tim Kasta

Tim Kasta



Jan-Petter Sissener

Jan-Peter Sissener

Partner, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager


“Diversification is the only free lunch in Finance.”
– Harry Markowitz

Under the current challenging market conditions, many investors are rethinking their portfolios and considering to increase allocations to alternatives. 2018 proved to be a difficult year for many Aternative UCITS funds, picking the right manager and strategy has become more important than ever.

Historically restricted to a small privileged audience, a broad range of Alternative strategies is now widely available in a regulated, liquid UCITS form. LuxHedge is the specialist data provider and knowledge center in this fast growing market. On this event for professional investors, 4 alternative fund managers will present their story, their approach to generate added value and their investment strategies that deliver absolute returns.


09:00 – 09:20

Welcome & Registrations

09:20 – 09:40

Alternative UCITS: Market overview, trends, fund selection & portfolio construction

Tim Vanvaerenbergh, CEO LuxHedge

09:50 – 13:05

In depth on Alternative Strategies


Event Driven – Greiff Capital Management AG
Thomas Einzmann
Senior Portfolio Manager

Multi Strategy Market Neutral – Schroders GAIA
Alex Burt
Investment Director

Market Neutral Credit – DCI 
Tim Kasta

Equity Long/Short Global – Sissener 
Jan-Peter Sissener
Partner, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager

13:05 – 14:00


Managers and Strategies

Founded by Jan-Petter Sissener in 2009, Sissener AS is an investment firm with considerable knowledge and a very solid track-record. The creation of the company was anchored in a strong desire to create asset management products where the manager receives a success fee only after having created a reasonable return for investors. At the end of 2018, Sissener managed more than 3 Billion NOK for private and institutional investors.

Sissener Canopus is a fund created for investors who aim to make money, rather than cover market exposure like many of the more traditionally oriented long/short equity funds. The fund has a global mandate and has 100% flexibility to invest in those industries and regions in the world that the fund management team deems as being most attractive. “We go long what we like and we short what we don’t like” is one of the credo’s of founder Jan-Petter Sissener. Well-known in its home market of Norway and awarded numerous times by international hedge fund media as the best long/short equity fund of the past 7 years, the fund is still relatively unfamiliar to investors outside of Nordics.

Schroders is a global investment manager, helping institutions, intermediaries and individuals across the planet meet their goals, fulfil their ambitions, and prepare for the future. We bring together people and data to spot the trends that will shape the future. This provides a unique perspective which allows us to always invest with conviction. We are responsible for €508.2bn (as at 30/06/18) of assets for our clients who trust us to deliver sustainable returns. Today, we have 4,900 people across six continents focussed on doing just this.

Schroder GAIA Helix is a multi-strategy, multi-manager, market neutral hedge fund in a liquid format, comprising some of Schroders’ most effective alpha-generating strategies. Unlike many multi-strategy funds, Schroder GAIA Helix invests directly in its strategies and has full transparency of its positions, so the management team can respond quickly if required. The fund has access to over 150 high quality strategies across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives.

DCI, LLC is an independent asset management firm specializing in investment grade and high yield corporate credit strategies. The firm manages long-only and long/short strategies for some of the world’s largest institutional and private wealth investors. DCI is distinguished by a fundamental based, systematic approach seeking to exploit inefficiencies in the corporate credit markets. The firm offers daily dealing funds, including regulated UCITS V compliant funds, onshore and offshore funds and managed accounts. Current product offerings include the DCI Market Neutral Credit Fund and DCI High Yield Corporate Bond Fund.

The DCI Market Neutral Credit Fund (UCITS) offers investors exposure to a long/short credit portfolio of liquid, single-name corporate CDS with the aim of producing positive absolute returns uncorrelated to traditional markets and risk factors and insensitive to interest rates or exchange-rate fluctuations. The Fund employs a systematic portfolio construction process underpinned by a proprietary fundamental model of credit risk and valuation. DCI uses information gaps between credit and equity markets to identify potential mispricing at the individual credit level. The credit beta of the long and short portfolios are matched with the aim of zero credit beta. Secondary systemic risk, such as sector and term, are tightly controlled. Idiosyncratic risk is mitigated via early warning capability of default probabilities and individual name diversification. While the strategy is designed to work in both low and high volatility environments, strategy returns exhibit a long volatility bias and thus tend to be higher in higher volatility environments.

Greiff Capital Management AG is a German investment management company located in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg. Since its establishment in 2005, Greiff has grown into a specialized boutique delivering unique investment solutions. The core focus and strengths of the investment team are intelligent derivative, equity event driven and systematic equity strategies. Within the last two years, Greiff has been growing fast and overseas more than €1bn in AUM and moving forward we are keen to build on this success whilst continuing to provide quality services to our clients.

The portfolio of GREIFF “special situations” Fund consists of four components: SAFETY (domination and profit and loss transfer agreements, squeeze-outs), EVENT (e.g. merger arbitrage), SPECIAL SITUATIONS (equities in special situations) and HIDDEN ASSETS (unreported rights to subsequent compensation). Within this framework, the fund invests primarily in companies in German-speaking countries with attractive acquisition, restructuring and/or squeeze-out potential. Equities are selected using an internal and independently developed valuation system. The weighting of the individual components within the portfolio varies over time and depends on the condition of the M&A market. The portfolio also benefits from unreported hidden reserves arising from rights to subsequent compensation from ongoing litigation in connection with squeeze-outs and domination and profit and loss transfer agreements. The fund strives to generate returns independent of market performance while at the same time minimizing risk.