Alternative UCITS Seminar

Wednesday May 23, 2018

Hilton Brussels Grand Place

LuxHedge is pleased to invite you to the next Alternative UCITS seminar in Brussels

“How to diversify your portfolio with Alternative UCITS funds?”


  Wednesday, May 23, 2018

  9am – 2pm (lunch included)

  Hilton Brussels Grand Place

  Carrefour de l’Europe 3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


Tim 3

Tim Vanvaerenbergh




Manuel Kalbreier

Investment Director



Philippe Sarreau

Senior Fund Manager PTR-Corto Europe

Pictet Asset Management

Hamlin 2

Hamlin Lovell

Contributing Editor

The Hedge Fund Journal


Marc Khalamayzer

Portfolio Manager

Columbia Threadneedle

Mario Eisenegger

Investment Specialist

M&G Investments

“Diversification is the only free lunch in Finance.”
– Harry Markowitz

All investors realize the need to diversify and build robust portfolios that withstand the sell-offs to come, using products that are regulated and liquid. This is precisely what Alternative UCITS funds have to offer. They are designed as portfolio “shock absorbers” during periods of stress and focus on genuine diversification by delivering absolute returns, de-correlated from equity and fixed income markets. Historically restricted to a small privileged audience, a broad range of Alternative strategies is now widely available in a regulated, liquid UCITS form. LuxHedge is the specialist data provider and knowledge center in this fast growing market. On this event for professional investors, 4 alternative fund managers will present their story, their approach to generate added value and their investment strategies that deliver absolute returns.


09:00 – 09:30

Welcome & Registrations

09:30 – 09:50

Alternative UCITS: Market overview, trends, fund selection & portfolio construction

Tim Vanvaerenbergh, CEO LuxHedge

Hamlin Lovell, Contributing Editor, The Hedge Fund Journal

10:00 – 12:55

In depth on Alternative Strategies

Hedge Fund Multi Strategy – Wellington
Manuel Kalbreier
Investment Director

Equity Long/Short Europe – Pictet Asset Management
Philippe Sarreau
Senior Fund Manager PTR-Corto Europe

Alternative Risk Premia – Columbia Threadneedle
Marc Khalamayzer
Portfolio Manager

Absolute Return Bonds – M&G Investments 
Mario Eisenegger
Investment Specialist

13:00 – 14:00


Managers and Strategies

Schroders is a global asset manager helping institutions, intermediaries and individuals meet their investment goals and prepare for their financial future. Schroders is responsible for €503bn (31/12/2017) of assets for their clients who trust them to deliver sustainable returns and create long-term value. Today, Schroders employs over 4,600 people (Dec 2017) across six continents that focus on doing just this.

Schroder GAIA Wellington Pagosa

Schroder GAIA Wellington Pagosa is a multi-strategy, multi-manager fund that invests across long/short equity, absolute return fixed income, and market neutral. The fund seeks to generate consistent, positive returns across market cycles while managing market risk exposure and minimising drawdowns. It is based on Wellington’s existing ‘Pagosa’ strategy, which has been managed by Christopher Kirk and Dennis Kim since its inception in January 2012.

Pictet Asset Management is a leading European independent asset manager, overseeing over USD 197 billion (31/12/2017) for our clients across a range of equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-asset products.  As a multi-boutique firm we provide specialist investment services to some of the world’s largest pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, banks and other intermediaries. Our business is investment led and centered around a long-term perspective, with a dedication to client service. We aim to be the investment partner of choice to our clients by giving them our undivided attention, offering pioneering strategies and being committed to excellence.

Pictet TR-Corto Europe

Sailing through changing markets to find the best long and short opportunities, Pictet TR-Corto Europe is a European equity long/short fund offering daily liquidity. The strategy has a strong track record of 12 years aiming to achieve long-term capital growth in absolute terms with a strong focus on capital preservation. The experienced investment team with deep knowledge of European companies has developed a rigorous stock-selection framework based on corporate asset efficiency and capital deployment.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is a leading global asset management group that provides a broad range of actively managed investment strategies and solutions for individual, institutional and corporate clients around the world. With more than 2000 people including over 450 investment professionals based in North America, Europe and Asia, we manage €412* billion of assets across developed and emerging market equities, fixed income, asset allocation solutions and alternatives.

Our priority is the investment success of our clients. We aim to deliver the investment outcomes our clients expect through an investment approach that is team-based, performance-driven and risk-aware.  Columbia Threadneedle Investments is the global asset management group of Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (NYSE:AMP), a leading US-based financial services provider.

Threadneedle (Lux) Diversified Alternative Risk Premia

We believe there are second-order non-directional risks embedded in capital markets and there are payoffs associated with those non-directional factor risks. We believe we can build or leverage algorithms designed to harvest those independent, market neutral risk premia payoffs and deliver them to the fund. We believe that these risk premia payoffs exist across all asset classes and give us the opportunity to build high Sharpe ratio portfolios by combining uncorrelated factor risk premia when building our portfolio. Threadneedle (Lux) Diversified Alternative Risk Premia is a daily liquid, fully transparent, multi-strategy, multi-asset portfolio of systematically-constructed risk premia designed to capture returns from factor exposures (style, trend, carry, curve, volatility etc.) across all asset classes (equity, fixed income, commodities, currency, credit). We have an unconstrained approach to liquid risk premia research and selection, i.e. the ability to analyse and differentiate amongst the best available structures, both external and internally manufactured, while the hedge fund/fund of hedge funds experience of the team provides the experience necessary to choose between alternative risk premia structures.  Contemporary risk parity portfolio construction techniques developed by our experienced global asset allocation and alternative investment teams emphasizes low correlation and aims to mitigate capital market risks. Our team manages over $800m in risk premia assets and operates as part of a +$100bn global multi asset team, providing the foundation for an active “macro” approach to risk management and mitigation.

M&G Investments is one of Europe’s largest active asset managers*, known for its conviction-led and long-term approach to investing. These timeless investment principles are core to our business and remain as relevant today as when we launched the UK’s first mutual fund back in 1931. M&G is focused on developing partnerships with our clients globally. For over 85 years we have been developing funds across the key asset classes, covering fixed income, equity, multi-asset and real estate.  Today, our total assets under management have grown to $382.8 bn**.

*Source: Broadridge FundFile. AUM data as at 30 June 2017. Figures in Euros. Data based on AUM of European and cross border active assets only. M&G AUM data sourced internally and refers to M&G retail active AUM.

**Source: M&G Statistics, as at 30.09.2017.

M&G Absolute Return Bond Fund

The M&G Absolute Return Bond fund aims to deliver combined income and capital growth of at least the cash rate plus 2.5% a year (before charges) over any three-year period and in any market condition. The cash rate is based on the three-month GBP LIBOR, the rate at which banks borrow money from each other.

The fund aims to achieve this while seeking to limit losses and minimise the degree to which the value of its assets changes over time. Managing the fund in this way reduces its ability to achieve returns significantly above three-month GBP LIBOR plus 2.5%.