Our Story

Who we are

LuxHedge is an investment research boutique and a leading provider of insights in the Alternative UCITS market.


Founded in 2012, we have developed an extensive and unique database of European Alternative UCITS funds which is at the heart of our company. Nowadays, the LuxHedge database covers more than 1,300 Alternative UCITS funds split over 17 different strategies. Supported by a strong link to academic researchers in this segment, LuxHedge has become a leading specialist in quantitative Alternative fund selection and optimal portfolio construction.


After the acquisition by Rego Partners in 2015, we have stepped up our game with investments in infrastructure and operational setup. The LuxHedge database has switched towards the latest state of the art in terms of storage and security and we have created an interactive database application embedded into our website. This will allow all subscribers to create more insightful and visually appealing analyses.


Alternative UCITS are a unique asset class, combining hedge fund like absolute returns with the stringent regulatory oversight that is embedded in the UCITS framework. The Alternative UCITS universe has been growing at a rapid pace, fueled by investors seeking diversification to their traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds while being very sensitive to protecting their assets and only investing in liquid and transparent instruments with regulatory oversight and strict risk management guaranteed. The growth is still strong and all demand and supply side dynamics point in the direction of a continued market expansion in the coming years.


Over the years, LuxHedge has developed into a provider of tailor-made financial services linked to this specific market and has built next generation solutions based on academic research and in-house expertise.