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Database Application


LuxHedge has developed an extensive and unique database of European Alternative UCITS which is at the heart of our company. LuxHedge offers access to its database through an interactive application built for investors, investment consultants and fund managers who want to assess risk/return characteristics of funds across the different alternative strategies.




The LuxHedge benchmark indices are designed to reflect the broad Alternative UCITS market across different strategy categories. LuxHedge has defined 5 strategy style groups further subdivided into 17 different Alternative UCITS strategies. A dedicated benchmark index is available for each of these.



Market Analysis


Investors have differing levels of risk appetite and different time horizons associated with how they expect returns to develop as well as interest in capital protection and inflation-proofing their portfolios. LuxHedge offers research services to provide insight into the Alternative UCITS market and help investors to seek out the right funds to best suit their investment criteria.


Portfolio Services


In today’s market environment with yields near all-time lows and equity markets at record highs, many investors realize more than ever that they need to diversify their portfolios with Alternative return streams. LuxHedge offers portfolio services to investors to assist in creating a dynamic portfolio consisting completely or partially out of Alternative UCITS.


For Fund Managers


Given LuxHedge’s unique position as provider of insights in the Alternative UCITS market and its extensive contact base of subscribers aquired over the past 5 years, the LuxHedge website is an ideal place for targeted advertising. LuxHedge offers several communication and advertisement opportunities for  fund managers and regularly organizes events, meetings, webinars where fund managers and investors meet.