Our Team

Combined Financial, Technology and Academic expertise
Benedict Peeters
President of the Board
Benedict is board member of LuxHedge. He is also CEO and co-founder of Rego Partners, an investment boutique with headquarters in Leuven. He has significant experience in the financial sector, including bulge bracket firms: KBC, Deutsche Bank (where he was founder and chairman of the board of the X-Markets Fund platform), Morgan Stanley and Fortis Investments. He was also co-founder of Finvex Group, a boutique specialized in index creation. He is member of the Board of Directors of ShelteR Investment Management, a chapter XV management company regulated by the CSSF.
Christophe Pecoraro
Board member
Christophe is board member of Luxhedge. He is also Head of Development and co-founder of Rego Partners, an investment boutique with headquarters in Leuven. He has significant experience in the structured banking sector as he worked several years as Structured Product Developer at BNP Paribas. He also worked for FInvex Group and was in charge of advanced optimisation models that were used in the construction of risk optimized indices and portfolios. Christophe is in charge of Portfolio Management and Quantitative Analysis at ShelteR Investment Management and acts as a conducting officer.
Tim Vanvaerenbergh
Tim has an academic background in both mathematical physics and quantitative finance, with a focus on hedge fund trading strategies and the valuation of derivatives and structured products. Prior to his appointment as CEO of LuxHedge, he was internationally active as a global leader of product strategy, development and product marketing for Philips. Tim combines strong quantitative finance knowledge with extensive business experience in a technology environment, both of which are great assets to a developing company like LuxHedge. Tim focusses on general management and business development of the firm.
Frederic Duquenne
Partner, Technology & Infrastructure
Frederic is a partner of Luxhedge, responsible for technology and back-end / front-end infrastructure of the firm. He is also in charge of operations and risk management as conducting officer for ShelteR Investment Management, the chapter XV management company in partnership with Luxhedge. Frédéric has a significant experience in the design of financial software and in risk management. He worked at the University of Liège on the parameterization of utility functions, profile-based risk measures and algorithms designed to resolve large-scale optimization problems. As co-founder of the HEC-ULg spin-off Gambit Finance, he worked on the development as Head of IT. He is also co-author in several working papers on hedge fund asset allocation.
Hélène Olyslager
Partner, Marketing, Sales and Events
Hélène is a partner of LuxHedge. She assists on advising institutional clients by using the LuxHedge database, advanced fund selection tools and in-house portfolio models. She started her career at Finvex Group in 2014 after her graduation from the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management where she did an Advanced Master in Financial Markets. Before joining Finvex Group, she did several internships (European Commission at the DG Internal Market and Services, Marine Division (International Insurance) of Cooper Gay in London). She also holds a master in Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Antwerp.
Bran Thévenet
Consultant Alternative UCITS funds
Bran is a consultant in alternative UCITS funds. He manages the Luxhedge database and analyses the various alternative strategies. Bran has an experience as Business Developer for the Fintech Ebury. He started his career at Finvex Group in 2015 after his graduation from IESEG School of Management where he did a Master in Finance. Before the graduation, he did several internships: he has worked for Luxhedge as Business Developer, for In Extenso Finance & Transmission as Chargé d’affaires and for Natixis in the Cross-Asset Derivatives department.
Nabil Bouarama
Research Partner
Nabil is a PhD researcher at the K.U. Leuven and a research partner of both LuxHedge and Rego Partners. He is currently working on advanced risk/return models to characterize alternative UCITS, focusing on component analysis, pricing errors, skewness risk and advanced portfolio optimization. Before joining LuxHedge, Nabil obtained a Master in Business Engineering from the Solvay Business School. His dissertation project handled the algorithmic design of systematic investment strategies to trade Chinese financial markets. At the time, he also enhanced his studies with an international experience in China at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. As an intern, he also collaborated on research projects where he gained practical insight in predictive risk models and fraud detection techniques. Nabil specializes in quantitative investment strategies, portfolio optimization and alternative UCITS funds.