Exane re-organizes line-up of Equity Market Neutral funds

Exane Asset Management will reshuffle its Equity Market Neutral UCITS line-up later this month. Where currently the firm offers sector specific versions of European long/short market neutral strategies, all sector specific strategies will now be combined in one UCITS offer.

As part of this move:

  • Exane Pleiade ad Exane Cristal, currently Fund of Alternative UCITS funds invested in Exane Market Neutral strategies, will become direct investment funds
  • Exane Archimedes and Exane Mercury, currently sector specific European Market Neutral UCITS funds, will be merged into Exane Cristal
  • Exane Volta, another thematic European Market Neutral UCITS, will be closed

Following the merger, all managers will continue to be responsibe for their respective sector portfolios in the Exane Cristal fund. Subscriptions and withdrawals will be suspended as of 21 October in order to start the merging process.